About Our Logo

The original Meander Valley FM radio station logo was the creative work of David and Sharman Lewis who now reside at Parkham. It was seen as a means of helping to present a professional and collective community profile for the Meander Valley FM Radio Steering Committee in the submission for a radio licence frequency to be allocated to the Meander Valley.

The Logo is full of symbolism. The black zigzag line across the horizon depicts both the Western Tiers and the electrical energy to power the signal.

The many stars represent the many communities that make up the Meander Valley, with Mole Creek to the West, Meander to the South West, Hagley to the East and Bracknell to the South East.

The large A of MeAnder serves as a symbol for the main transmission mast; to be located at Deloraine, (because of it's centrality and elevation), whilst the rings radiating from the mast are for the signal serving the Meander Valley Community, but also represents a water drop from the Meander river.

It is anticipated that the logo will be used in promotion of the station frequency on all the roadways of the Meander Valley.

About the Creators

Before moving to Tasmania, David was the Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Northern Territory and Sharman was a Policy Officer to the Northern Territory Government on Environmental matters.

David, as a Barrister at Law, has recently set up private chambers at Devonport. Whilst David is busy working Sharman is busy continuing the renovation of the property that they purchased in 2005. They moved to Tasmania in 2007.

David and Sharman both had a role to play as presenters with community radio on Norfolk Island where David was Legislative Counsel to the Norfolk Island administration. More recently David was again involved with community radio at Katherine in the Northern Territory.

No doubt David and Sharman will be equally creative in their ongoing association with the proposed station. 

Foundation Sponsors
We're proud to acknowledge the following businesses which have been with us from the beginning and helped to make this radio station a reality.