You've heard about the NBN, but what does it really mean to you?

Do you feel pressure to connect to the NBN because you've heard that if you don't connect before June you'll be charged $300 for installation, or that if you don't connect now before the copper lines are deactivated you'll lose your service? Well you can relax! There are many confusing and even misleading messages going around about the NBN that could end up costing you more than you need to pay for services you may never even use. This page was created to help you get straight answers in order to make an informed decision about connecting to the NBN.


What is the NBN?
The National Broadband Network is an infrastructure project that aims to deliver high speed Internet and telephone services to most homes in Australia. In time, it will replace the copper phone network in most areas.

Should I connect to the NBN now?
Yes. If you plan to use the Internet or your home phone in the future, the NBN will allow you to access those services indefinitely and in most cases for much less than you currently pay. Also, the government is currently subsidising NBN connections but this may not always be the case. Note that Telstra is the only service provider that is planning to charge a fee for installation at this time.

What extra benefits will the NBN offer me?
One major benefit derived from the NBN is higher “upload” speeds. This means that if you use Skype, the quality of the video you send will be very clear. As other areas get access to high speed Internet, you will be able to make video calls in high definition—in other words, TV quality! This will enable you to access education, health care and other service from your own home.

Also, many service providers offer telephone services over the Internet (VoIP) for a fraction of what you are paying now. There is no line rental fee and most providers include local and national calls for free.

Is Telstra the only or best way to connect?
No. Telstra is one of many service providers offering high speed Internet and telephone services over the NBN, but they are also among the most expensive. The chart below shows how Telstra compares with two other service providers so you can start to make an informed decision about which company to go with. Most other NBN providers offer excellent service from Australian call centres.

How can I learn more about the options available to me?
We have summarised the key features of three major NBN service providers below. We have also listed all of the service providers that you can choose from in Tasmania. We suggest that in the first place it is best to contact the service providers directly to find out about their offers. You may also call NBN Co. for more general information on 1800 687 626 or visit their website at

 Provider iiNet
A sponsor of MVFM
A sponsor of MVFM
Internet speed 25/5 Mbps 25/5 Mbps  12/1 MBps
Internet quota 40 GB 200 GB  5 GB 
Phone inclusions Free local and national calls All local, national and Australian mobile calls. Free local calls only
Bundled price
(per month)
$64.95 $44.50 for months 1-6
$89 for months 7-24
$69 (on 24-mth contract)
$129 (with no contract)
Contract Optional 24 months
(You get a $150 cash card if you sign up on contract)
24 months
Installation cost FREE FREE FREE until 30/6/13
>$192 after that
Total cost after 24 months
+ some calls
but most calls are included
$2,112 (after 30/6)
+ most calls
Contact details
131 917
 131 789
1800 993 728
The information on this table was retrieved from the service provider websites on 2 May 2013.

Other NBN service providers to consider:

1300 393 835
1300 626 669
1300 731 048
1300 652 080
132 210
1300 455 806
Exetel Website
Internode Website
MyNetFone Website
Optus Website
Spintel Website
Westnet Website

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