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Fightback! Campaign

posted 30 Jul 2013, 01:12 by Unknown user
DELORAINE ON THE MOVE, the business association of Deloraine, is proud to present the Deloraine & District Fightback! Campaign.

Economic circumstances are tough.  Empty shops and battling businesses in our town and district speak about hardship.

It is time for us to help ourselves.  We’re inviting all the local businesses of Deloraine & District covered by postcode 7304, to join the Fightback! Campaign of DELORAINE ON THE MOVE.

The Fightback! Campaign aims at keeping money locally, and encouraging consumers to choose local businesses for products and services.

The Fightback! Campaign is built around a gift voucher system that has winning features.  We’re offering an exciting discount incentive with a proven track record of success.

The Fightback! Campaign needs the support and participation of ALL businesses in the postcode area of 7304, both retail and non-retail.

Joining the Fightback! Campaign costs a business only $50, but this money will go a long way.  It will pay for the promotional costs of the campaign, the launch in spring of the Deloraine & District Gift Voucher and the Deloraine & District Product & Services Guide.

The Fightback! Campaign is coordinated by the Fightback! Committee, a subcommittee of DELORAINE ON THE MOVE.  The members of this committee are Cr Deborah White, Richard Millen, Lionel Walters and Zsuzsanna Handelsmann.

The members of our Fightback! Committee will visit your business in the coming weeks to answer any questions, explain the Fightback! Campaign, and offer your business a part in this exciting new initiative.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Zsuzsanna Handelsmann

Coordinator - Fightback! Committee