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No Result on Discussions re: Community Newspaper

posted 22 Jul 2013, 17:11 by Unknown user
Dear Community Members,
Below is an email from Chris Keating regarding his decision on not being able to progress with the establishment of a new community newspaper in Meander Valley. Whilst it is unfortunate that Chris cannot commit to what would be a significant investment in time and additional resources to establish a new paper from scratch, I would like to sincerely thank Chris for his efforts in exploring the possibility of assisting us as a result of the discontinuation of Meander Valley News.
Our Council is committed to finding a suitable solution that will help to fill the void left by the Examiner’s decision to cease production of the monthly paper and would welcome input from community members on ways in which a ‘sustainable’ monthly could be established. In the meantime, Council will investigate other options and ensure that we inform you of progress when options and additional information are available.
Can you please send this email onto any other community members that you know, who have an interest in this issue.Kind regards,
Rick Dunn
Email from Chris below:
Hi Rick,
This email is to inform you that I have come to a decision regarding the proposed expansion of The Country Courier into the Meander Valley.
Having talked with my family and my business advisers I regret very much to inform you that I am not in a position to proceed with the expansion.
This is not a decision I took lightly. I was hopeful that I could help revive a community paper in the area and I must admit I feel sad that I am not able to go forward with the new venture. I have received dozens of messages of support from individuals and community groups over the past few weeks.
However, I feel that I am unable to take on the task. At the moment I am at capacity, producing what is an ever-expanding newspaper in The Northern Midlands. I am not in a position to employ a journalist to help me produce a  separate Meander Valley masthead and I remain unconvinced that relying on amateur contributors to do so is a viable long-term business model for the publication of a quality community newspaper. The bottom line is that I cannot produce two papers every month and maintain the quality of both. Frankly I would prefer to keep one good  business going than take on two and have them both suffer as a result. That is, I needed to be sure that the proposed expansion did not jeopardise my existing business.
Please circulate this email to the network.
Rick, I feel very much for the plight you all face and I am personally disappointed that I could not help with a solution. I wish you all well.
I am willing to offer any further assistance or advice that you may require.
Chris Keating, Editor
The Country Courier.