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Peak Oil & Meander Valley: Community Survey

posted 21 Jul 2013, 17:15 by Unknown user

Here’s your chance to help our Meander Valley Council develop a plan that will minimise the impacts of peak oil risks on the future of our community.


Meander Valley Council (MVC) has contracted AECOM Technology Corporation to help identify peak oil risks and potential impacts, and develop a strategy with priority actions to minimise those risks and impacts.

To start the process of developing of a Peak Oil Action Plan, MVC would like your view on the issue, strategies that MVC could adopt, and actions you could take to minimise the impact of peak oil on our municipality.  


Please take a moment to consider the questions in the survey and provide your ideas and feedback on the issue. The survey will take about 3-5 minutes:

WIN a $100 fuel voucher

Complete the survey and you will have the chance to win a $100 fuel voucher to help offset some of your current fuel costs. To go into the draw, please ensure that you include a contact name and phone number or email, so we can get in touch; see “Conditions of Entry” below.


Send to a Friend

Please feel free to forward to friends, family and work colleagues who live or work in Meander Valley.


What is peak oil?

Peak oil is the term used to describe the point at which global oil production will peak, after which production will plateau and ultimately decline. This will lead to price increases and restricted availability.  Although the date of oil’s peak production is disputed, the fact that it will peak is widely supported.


Why is Meander Valley Council looking into peak oil?

The risks posed by peak oil have the potential to impact on Meander Valley in a number of ways. Australian households spend on average $193 per week on transport, and this has increased by 17% between 2003/2004 and 2009/2010.  The region’s reliance on agriculture, transport and manufacturing for employment and economic prosperity, its proximity to mainland and overseas markets and the dispersed nature of the population, mean that a sudden increase in oil prices or a long term decline in availability present significant challenges to maintaining Meander Valley’s prosperity and standard of living.

More broadly, oil pervades almost all aspects of modern life. It is used for:

·   transport

·   food production (in the form of synthetic fertilisers), packaging, distribution and cooking

·   the production of lubricants, synthetic fibres, fabrics, plastics, detergents, solvents, paint thinners

·   the production of chemical bases for medicines, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.


Understanding the risks presented by peak oil can help MVC and the community to build resilience.

There are many benefits to adapting to the impacts of peak oil early.   The key benefit is our reduced exposure or vulnerability to price increases in transport fuels and oil dependant products (e.g. plastic and synthetic fabrics) and services (e.g. waste collection, mail delivery).   Additional benefits may include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increase in local activity.


Conditions of Entry: MVC employees are not eligible to win the $100 voucher; contact information will only be used for the competition and to provide updates on the Meander Valley Peak Oil project; entrants will be able to unsubscribe at any time; and all individual survey responses will be treated as confidential.


Please take the time to provide your valuable input into the future of your community.