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Tasmanian Tiger Sighted at Hagley

posted 4 Mar 2014, 21:25 by Unknown user
THOUGHT TO be long extinct, the Tasmanian Tiger , or thylacine, has been sighted in a sorghum field in northern
Last seen alive in 1936, the people of Hagley were shocked to discover the existence of the thylacine in the form of a crop maze.
The Tasmanian Tiger is the inspiration of local farmer, Rowan Clark, of Rupertswood Farm.
Wishing to introduce a crop maze to Tasmania he sought the expertise of the UK’s leading maze specialists Mazescape.
Mazescape custom designed an intricate maze pattern for the five -hectare sorghum field and, used the latest GPS technology to establish Tasmania’s first crop maze.
The maze itself features two different designs, a Tasmanian tiger and paw print mini-maze.
The crop maze will open to the public on Saturday March 1 for three weekends and mid-week for pre-booked group and school bookings.
This attraction is open for a limited time only as the crop will be harvested and bailed for silage once mature.
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