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Want to be involved with WOAD 13?

posted 9 Sep 2013, 23:53 by Unknown user
There is still some knitting to be done for our beloved MALUA UNICORN.  Various people from all over the place have been knitting madly with white plastic bags cut into strips with 30 stitches per row.  
Join in, if you have time and please return all knitted lengths, long and short back to the Visitor’s Centre by Wednesday 25th September.  

On THURSDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2013, we’ll begin the fun of sewing it all up, making the ‘bridle’ for his horn and dressing the topiary attendants.  

if you would like to join in this or would like to help us in other ways, Don’t hesitate to phone us 0458 818 178 or 6369 5280.