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WOAD 13 Tall Poppies Project

posted 8 Sep 2013, 19:51 by Unknown user

The poppies for WOAD (Windows On Arts Deloraine), at Deloraine High School and Tigerhill Studios, are coming on nicely now, but still a bit of work to be done in putting them together.  Grade 8 students at Deloraine High school got the Poppies underway, constructing the framework for the petals out of an Asian cane called ‘pehang’ that has a bending memory, and so makes them malleable.  These were then added to by a group of artists and makers from Arts Deloraine who covered the petal frames with tulle and decorated in various ways to catch the eye and gladden the spirits.  A combined effort from young, and used to be young, tall poppies in the making.

As you take a drive up Quamby Bluff, as you pass Tigerhill, you’ll see quite a few in their glory vying for your attention.  Once these are completed, they’ll be placed on the roundabouts in the township of Deloraine before, and during the Tasmanian Craft Fair weekend for all to enjoy. The project was supported by Arts Deloraine, Deloraine High School and Tasmanian Alkaloids.

If you wish to become involved in helping with the finishing of these glorious bunches at the final workshop on Thursday 12 Sept, you’ll be more than welcome to join the team, who have been creating these eye catchers.  All materials are provided, and usually it’s BYO something to eat/share.  On these wonderful spring days, you couldn’t ask for a better environment in which to be.

The address is Neicy Brown’s - Tigerhill, 13101 Highland Lake Rd, Golden Valley, phone 63695280.