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The Residents

"The Residents" is a weekly men’s radio program, produced and recorded by male residents living at Aged Care Deloraine, in regional Tasmania.  Each week the men come together and record themselves singing favorite 1920’s to 1950’s classics, memories, stories and jokes with a selection of their favorite music with the support of a registered music therapist.    The program is broadcast weekly on the Meander Valley Community Radio Station (MVFM) on 96.9FM every Sunday afternoon and rebroadcast on Thursday mornings.  Any person living north of the Western Tiers from Devonport to Launceston can tune into the broadcast with an FM receiver.  To date, the program has involved 17 male residents, 8 of which are in their nineties, the 20 member aged care choir, various community representatives who have volunteered to either perform or to be interviewed and volunteers from the radio who support with final editing before the program is aired. 

The program was initially designed to provide opportunities for increased emotional expression and life review for its participants, however it has provided an opportunity for offering support to residents transitioning for rural community-dwelling settings, to residential care facilities and provided increased opportunities for achievement and self worth during end of life. The residents radio program has allowed for partnerships between the participants, Aged Care Deloraine and the Meander Valley Community Radio Station.  The program has been a major success in the Aged Care Deloraine community it has had an influence on the Meander Valley region and the elderly population.  It is hoped that the participants music and program my assist in addressing social isolation and loneliness among older Australians. By broadcasting targeted music from the 1920’s to the 1950’s it is hoped that “The Residents” may have a regional impact for the Meander Valley and its isolated elderly population.  In addition, the program has allowed opportunities for Aged Care Deloraine’s community choir to sing and perform on the radio. The men and the members of the choir take great pride in listening to their musical achievements broadcast on the radio and being recognised and praised by their peers and members of the community. 

"Our family has been delighted with our fathers involvement with 'The Residents' radio program.  From Dad’s first music sessions with Alex it was great to see his growing interest.  The formation of “The Residents” gave him an on going interest.  It’s given dad a chance to interact with his peers and mix with the general community.  We feel this sense of being part of this special group has given him both social benefits and lots of very beneficial mental stimulation.  Our family is delighted to be able to share the launch and on going success of ‘The Residents’” (Written by a participant’s daughter.)